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Why choose Sanmin intelligent manufacturing

Sanminzhi Manufacturing co., LTD is a brand company under Hunan Sanmin Heavy Industry Technology Co., LTD. Its micro excavator - mini excavator _ concrete mixer pump truck is the pioneer and leader of the industry!

Founded in 2011, the company's headquarters is located in Xiangtan, Hunan, the hometown of the Great man, and its business model is centered on the whole life cycle management of the construction machinery industry chain. Internet technology to enable China to enter the industry of the Internet vision; Focusing on the engineering machinery fluid pumping subdivision, committed to the construction of China's construction machinery digital factory, to become a new momentum leader.

Three people heavy section as engineering machinery leading enterprise in the field of fluid pumping vertical segmentation, always uphold the "vertical niche, focus on efficient service quality, build a passionate, enterprising spirit, innovative team service for industry, customer trust is our highest standard, the tripod with two handles peak person will always be Shared with customers, build a benign sustainable development of ecological circle"; At present, the company has established a core R&D team consisting of 5 senior engineers and 7 intermediate engineers, and more than 100 industry elites. We continue to do iterative upgrading to improve customers' diversified demands for products. Since the establishment of the company, we pay attention to customers' experience of products, focusing on the research, development and production of stirrer pump truck, micro-excavator - mini excavator, wet spraying trolley, wet spraying machine, stirrer truck pump, stirrer pump, tractor and key parts of each product, and deeply cultivating the vertical field. In the future, the company will build a number of vertical subdivision industry Internet platforms to promote the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry and serve the development of China's industry.



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